Vantage Acceptance Of Woodland Hills – Helps You With Your Debt Needs

If you have so much debt that you can only make minimum monthly payments, or not even that, you’re probably very stressed out.

Take a deep breath. You’ve come to the right place.

At Vantage Acceptance, we will work with your creditors to settle your unsecured debt and get you back to breathing easily again.

Vantage Acceptance Of Woodland Hills – Helps You With Your Debt NeedsYou might hear horror stories about everything that can go wrong with debt settlement, the process through which creditors agree to accept less than what you owe. Before you let the doubters scare you off, consider these five reasons why debt settlement with Vantage Acceptance could be the right option for you:

It’s better for your credit rating than filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can seem appealing because it lets you eliminate a lot of debt very quickly. Unfortunately, the stain bankruptcy leaves on your credit report hangs around for a long time – 10 years if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is total protection from debts, and seven years if you file Chapter 13, which requires you to slowly repay a percentage of your debts. It’s true that debt settlement also negatively affects your credit, because you must stop making your minimum payments in order for your creditors to be willing to accept less than your total debt. But future prospective creditors regard bankruptcy much more negatively.
You pay back much less than you owe. Often in debt settlement, creditors agree to negotiate and accept just 30 percent to 40 percent of your debt, an outcome they prefer to bankruptcy, which leaves them with nothing.
No settlement, no fee. Under federal law, debt settlement companies must only charge you fees after they have achieved a settlement for you. This legal protection, under a 2021 law change, ensures that you will only pay for services that have benefitted you.
We take pride in our integrity. Unfortunately the debt settlement industry, like many types of businesses, draws its share of shady operators. It’s important to know that you can trust the company you choose to help lead you out of a scary and stressful financial situation. At Vantage Acceptance, we have earned an A+ rating as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. We’re also a member of the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, which requires special training and certification, and the American Fair Credit Council, the leading association of professional consumer credit advocates.
Reduce annoying creditor calls. We can’t promise that you won’t receive any calls from your creditors once you’ve started working with our debt settlement program. If one of our competitors promises you this, they aren’t being truthful. Creditors have a legal right to call you as long as you owe them a debt. But at Vantage Acceptance, we often can stop the calls, or at least greatly reduce them.

At Vantage Acceptance ,not only do we dis¬pute items with the three credit reporting agencies (which not all agencies will even do that for you); we also send dis¬putes directly to your creditors, collection agencies, and even court houses!

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